Make Your Last Slide an ‘Exec Summary’ to Really Impress the Judges

exe sum

There is no better way to end your presentation than with an Exec Summary for your last slide.

So what’s an Executive Summary?

  • An executive summary previews the main points of an in-depth report
  • It is written for nontechnical people who don’t have time to read the main report
  • It contains enough information for a reader to get familiarized with what is discussed in the full report without having to read it.

I was recently at a pitch demo competition and one of the startup ended their presentation with an executive summary.  After the Q&A the judges were really impressed that they used the Executive Summary as their last slide.  I too was impressed and thought; “Why didn’t I think of that.”

I’ve seen many pitch decks and they mostly end with Meet Our Team or Thank You for Looking at Our Slide Presentation.  Ending your presentation with the Executive Summary is a great way to show additional information that you might not have time to have shown during your pitch.  Normally at an event, the end of each pitch you is followed by a Q&A and that usually lasts for about 2 minutes.  Having this data being exposed for two minutes is almost half of your pitching time which is normally 5 minutes.  So expose your Executive Summary for the last slide during the Q&A.  This gives the audience something to read and look at while you’re answering questions.