Make Your Fundraising an Event for Best Results


There was a great article in Tech in Asia with the CTO and co-founder of The article focused on how making your fundraising an event can have better results. The full article can be seen here;

One of the great things mentioned in the article is to approach your fundraising with preparation. You want to be talking with investors at the same time and not have it dragging out for a period of months.

Believe it or not investors talk to one another! If you approach a potential investor a while after you first send out your deck, the potential investor may have some questions! They will probably know that you are having a hard time raising money. This could lead to a worse termsheet for your company. It could even lead to raised eyebrows about the fact that something must not be worth investing in if it has taken so long.

If you treat the fundraising as an event and set a clear end date, the advantage is huge. Investors will feel there is a pressure to get in on the offering and you are more likely to get an attractive term sheet. Of course, this article can make it sound like attracting investment is a straightforward process. Remember, the two main things that investors will be looking at when you pitch to them will be the skills of the team and the USP of the product.