Pitch Early, Pitch Often


Be Persistent

Time is important! A lot of people do not have a lot of it and it is pretty easy to frustrate someone if they find out you are wasting theirs. Persistence is key with pitching and coming across friendly. It is often hard to strike this balance, but getting it right is essential.

It is common that most sales people will lose interest in following up with their leads after the first or second attempt. This is often a mistake as research suggests that leads are likely to respond but can take up to 12 emails or even more!

Don’t Give Up

When people don’t respond to your contact, it is often the case that they simply did not have time or may not have seen the email. It is important to look at where you will be sending your emails to and at what time. An email sent between 9-11 AM in the morning is much more likely to be read than something sent at 7-9 PM. Experimenting with different open rates for titled campaigns can be an effective way to learn how to better make the most from your campaigns. Also experimenting with the times of send out can show great results.

Don’t ever think that it is too early to pitch often to someone. They will appreciate you getting to the point and you have to remember that most people who go to a networking event… will expect to hear about other people’s companies. Just like a VC firm or an accelerator partner who makes their email address relatively public will expect to receive pitches. What is important is making your pitch stand out from the rest!