How Using Pitch Templates Can Make Your Deck More Attractive to Investors

The image (above) is from New Haircut's pitch deck template and can be downloaded here;

The image (above) is from New Haircut’s pitch deck template and can be downloaded here;

Early traction is great. You can see a demand for what you have created and are looking at a way to scale it quickly to capture the market or grow your revenue. Well, if this is your first company then you may find yourself a little out of your depth. Whilst it is fine to go with the flow and improvise, there are many tools out there which are created exactly to help you.

Template pitch decks and ways to phrase your UVP are plentiful online. Having a clear structure can really increase your chances of being taken seriously. This in turn can have a great effect by heightening your valuation with you successfully completing your round.

Take for example Madlibs for perfecting your one sentence pitch. Most great presentations will start with the speaker making a bold statement which lets the audience know what the company is about. It also shows who their audience is and what they are trying to solve. Using the Madlibs template and watching the video can really help you to focus on what exactly you are trying to achieve.

The video is a great watch for keeping things simple and to the point. There is no need to use buzzwords which you think sound great. People want to understand what you do in simple terms. Make it so!

Another great free tool to use is the template pitch deck which is provided at New Haircut. This is a great starting point! Refining your deck to your specific style is of course welcomed but the order of the slides is important. This is a proven way to present your company that works.

When working with pitch decks, start somewhere – don’t try to deliver the ‘perfect pitch’ at the first iteration. It’s impossible. Good pitch decks ripe and get better over time. Start with one of the pitch templates, change it to your own company content and then go out and pitch to your colleagues. Let them stop you immediately where they didn’t understand something specific, and refine.

Within just 2-3 hours you can get your perfect pitch prepared. No colleagues at hand? Simply upload your deck to pitchXO, and send them a link. They will be able to give you very specific feedback on each of your slides. But presenting and talking is definitely better to start with. Happy pitching!