Where to Find VCs, Accelerators, Incubators, and Angels?


There are a ton of free resources for finding the different accelerators, incubators and VC funds / VCs. It is important however to do your research. There is no point in finding them all and then sending out a ton of emails if you are emailing a fund who only invest a minimum of $1 mio or specialise in FinTech companies when you are a eCommerce startup.

Here are three of the best sources we find;

  • Your Network. Chances are, if you are involved in a startup, you will know other people involved in startups. Talk with them! If you know a company which recently received funding, ask who they approached, who was interested and whether they are on good terms with anyone. An introduction email does A LOT when trying to raise money. If someone can vouch on your behalf, you gain a lot of credibility and maybe the 2 minutes of attention you crave.
  • F6S Website. This website is a gold mine! It is often where a lot of the accelerators and incubators will have their applications. It is very easy to filter accelerators or incubators by the country or region that you are in and go through and look at which programs are open to applicants. All applications will be slightly different but it is definitely a site worth checking out if you are seeking the next steps for your startup.
  • Seed-DB is a totally awesome database of funds and incubators and aims to provide statistics on them. Whilst this isn’t an application platform like F6S, it is easy to search through all that is on offer and then simply google to find out more about the funds and make the decision on who best to approach.

Of course, there are other avenues to explore when looking for which firm or fund would be perfect for your startup.

Keeping an eye on the media sites such as TechCrunch, PandoDaily and Regional sites such as TechinAsia depending on where you are based will also keep you informed on the latest investments and give you a great way to approach a potential investor if you can see your product or service linking up nicely with something they already have in their portfolio.